About Pet Monkey Advertisement

No ten-year-old boy in the late 1950’s gathered up a lot more comic books than Ronny Chimp. The fact is that as he purchased a comic book utilizing the allowance money Ronny of his had very little interest in the comic book stories. He simply needed to find the ad section which displayed a lot of advertisements advertising gags, magic tricks and pranks. Ronny owned almost all of them and also played jokes on the buddies of his at school. But in the newest issue Ronny’s interest peeked as he discovered an innovative advertisement for a tiny animal monkey:

“Darling Squirrel monkeys” which “makes an adorable pet and companion. Nearly human with bright eyes, the family of yours will like it. These young monkeys are going to grow to about 12 inches tall. Eats exact same food as you, even loves lollipops: easy to take care of and train. Living shipping guaranteed. Basically $18.95. Mail check or even money order to: Animal Farm. Dept K26, Miami Beach 39, Box 1042, Florida.”

Ronny ran in to express to the mom of his and showed the advertisement to her.

“Oh, do not fall for much more cheesy gags” his mom warned.

“But Mom, it’s cannot be a gag. This may be a pet!”

Ronny seemed sad, then hung the mind of his, and gradually walked back to the bedroom of his and slammed the home of his. Many minutes later, she knocked silently and gently opened the home of his. Ronny was pouting on the foundation of his. She sat alongside him and also said, “All right. We will question the daddy of yours as he gets in from work tonight.”